Why Become a Local Guide with Kootour?

Most of our local guides are just regular people, like you and me. They love to meet new people, show off their home town or their wealth of local information and of course, a bit of extra money in their pocket doesn’t hurt! Perhaps they are teachers, or writers, photographers or just dreamers. The extra income from occasional or regular tours makes a big difference to our local guides, and it fits in with their lifestyle and schedule.

Our guides are awesome. They have a passion, and a personality. It might be for history, architecture, the outdoors or amazing food. It might be for photography, parties or even coffee. That’s all it takes. They bring their passion to their tours and help visitors explore the areas they love. They might be a retired lecturer living in Rome, or a nature enthusiast in Vancouver who can show people their favourite hikes. The possibilities are endless. Travel has evolved. People want a more unique experience, and don’t want to spend it on a tour bus filled with people. Our guides can bring travellers to their favourite spots and show them what they love about their city, in private groups with total flexibility of options. Our travellers get the local experience, without months of research.

This all fits in with our guides’ lives. They have complete flexibility, from tour dates, themes, prices and availability. They select the dates they can be booked and our platform has unique customization options for our travellers to add everything that they want to include, as offered by the guide. It really is their tour, we just help along the process with guidance, training and logistics.

They get a bunch of useful information, ongoing advice and training (if they want it!) to improve their tours and create amazing experiences. We have a full training programme that guides have access to as soon as they sign up, and unlike other companies, we provide ongoing support, advice and organisation for both parties along the whole process.

If this sounds like this could be you, then please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you. The application process is simple and we’ll ‘guide’ you along the rest of the way!

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