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Transport in Thailand - long exposure image of traffic

Transport in Thailand: How to get around

Short trips:   Tuk Tuk The iconic Tuk Tuk is synonymous with travel in many countries in Asia. One of the most atmospheric ways to travel, jumping in a local Tuk Tuk allows you to see the city with the wind in your hair while supporting a local business. Most Tuk Tuk drivers are self-employed and […]

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Temple in Beijing with sun streaming through trees in background.

Beijing: A Foodie’s Paradise

Explore the capital city’s culinary delights Beijing is the gateway to China, often the first port of call for intrepid travellers and hungry adventurers. Luckily it is also one of the epicentres of delectable Chinese cuisine. Ever wondered what Beijing food is like? Bejing showcases cuisines from a wide range of cities, as well as […]

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72 hours in Xi'an. A temple in Xian, illuminated at night

Xi’an on a 72 Hour Visa: Top Things to Do

With the new rules allowing travellers 72 hour transit visas, take advantage of a weekend layover in one of the qualifying cities. Read about how to best spend a long weekend in the fascinating city of Xi’an. This is a guest post by travel writer Linda Dunsmore. How to spend 72 hours in Xi’an While many […]

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What to pack for Southeast Asia. A case with sandals, straw hat, camera & accessories

Travelling Soon? What to Pack for Southeast Asia

So you’re travelling to Southeast Asia soon? What should you bring to visit the glorious white beaches of Thailand or the majestic Angkor temples of Cambodia? What to pack for trekking in northern Vietnam or gliding down a river in Laos? These are the top 10 things to pack for your trip once you’ve got […]

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Motivation & Inspiration

So, a little about us. Why Kootour? We are a team of international travellers, currently operating from Vancouver, Canada. We have all spent a great deal of time visiting countries and participating in tours and activities. During our travels, we noticed two things: first, that there was a huge variance in tours available and how […]

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