What to pack for Southeast Asia. A case with sandals, straw hat, camera & accessories

Travelling Soon? What to Pack for Southeast Asia

So you’re travelling to Southeast Asia soon? What should you bring to visit the glorious white beaches of Thailand or the majestic Angkor temples of Cambodia? What to pack for trekking in northern Vietnam or gliding down a river in Laos? These are the top 10 things to pack for your trip once you’ve got […]

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Motivation & Inspiration

So, a little about us. Why Kootour? We are a team of international travellers, currently operating from Vancouver, Canada. We have all spent a great deal of time visiting countries and participating in tours and activities. During our travels, we noticed two things: first, that there was a huge variance in tours available and how […]

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Why Become a Local Guide with Kootour?

Most of our local guides are just regular people, like you and me. They love to meet new people, show off their home town or their wealth of local information and of course, a bit of extra money in their pocket doesn’t hurt! Perhaps they are teachers, or writers, photographers or just dreamers. The extra […]

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