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So, a little about us. Why Kootour?

We are a team of international travellers, currently operating from Vancouver, Canada. We have all spent a great deal of time visiting countries and participating in tours and activities. During our travels, we noticed two things: first, that there was a huge variance in tours available and how important a good tour and guide is to the enjoyment of the trip. Second, that some of the best tour guides were operating on a really, really small scale, with a totally limited reach and exposure to visitors.
There was a missing bridge between North American visitors shopping online and booking tours through big companies, and these excellent tours and local guides. Websites and marketing campaigns require an impressive investment of time, effort and resources which some guides just don’t have the access to. We noticed that working with many of the big travel companies also equated to handing over the lion’s share of their profit margin and gave them less control over their livelihood. Some particularly disreputable companies could cut tours on a whim or choose to promote rival tours, making this income unreliable and sometimes short-lived.

We wanted to create a way for these first-class guides to offer their services to interested and conscientious travellers, who are looking for more unique and authentic experiences. Many of our locations are hard to travel, and an expert on hand gives a richer and more enjoyable visit. However, arriving at a site with a bus full of other tourists can be somewhat immersion breaking. We want to offer the best of both worlds; an expert guide to show you the way, but still experiencing the local landscape with a distinctive and individual approach. We’ve looked far and wide and used our network of travellers to curate a list of traditional and unique private tours available to book in a variety of locations. For now, we are operating primarily out of China and Mexico but sometimes we can’t resist adding an exceptional guide from a country outside of this sphere. What’s different about us is you know exactly what you’re getting – it’s all spelled out from customizable options, exclusions and inclusions and detailed descriptions of the tour. If you would like to join our ranks please email or visit our FAQ here for more information.

Our team comes from opposite corners of the globe. We are rich in experience, culture and language and as such, understand customers and guides and the cultural nuances between us all. We are able to converse in a variety of languages and give customized, one-on-one service to different time zones and travellers. We like to think what we offer is pretty special, but try us out, let us know. We are always open to feedback and would love to hear from you. For enquiries, comments or questions drop us a line at:

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