Top things to do in Beijing. The lantern festival in Beijing.

Top things to do in Beijing on a 72 hour visa

This is a guest post by travel writer Laura Nalin. You can find more of her stories and advice on her blog. While there are a myriad of reasons to visit Beijing, food, history and architecture are likely up there. Spending just a few days in a country is often not nearly enough, but with […]

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Local's guide to Shanghai. View of Shanghai's skyline from above

The local’s guide to Shanghai

There’s no doubt Shanghai is one of the most intriguing destinations on our planet, and for good reason. The world-class city hosts impressive landmarks, exquisite cuisine and high-end shopping centres, but there’s certainly more than meets the eye. For those of you seeking the quirkier side of Shanghai, we’ve rounded up some of the city’s […]

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View of a Tibet landscape with animals on a plain and snowed mountains in the background

How to get the Tibet travel permit

Gorgeous views, a sense of spirituality in the air, and mountains that will leave you breathless (sometimes quite literally). Tibet is a land that’s unique in many ways, making it a great destination for travelers. This uniqueness, however, also extends to the documents required to travel there. Even if you visit China, you will still […]

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High-speed train in China stopped at station platform

Trains in China: a guide for travelers

Train or Flight, Which Should You Choose? Before going too deep into the subject of trains in China, the first thing to think about is whether a train or flight is better suited to this journey. Some of the distances covered by train travel in China are huge and only travelling by train is not […]

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Visa for China. A black and white Shanghai street.

How to get a visa for China

Mainland China requires a visa for any kind of travel there. A visa is required in advance, and is not available on arrival with the exception of the transit visa. For more information on China’s 72 hour transit visa read our guide here. There are many different types of visa for visitors to China but these […]

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View over the water at Shanghai. Night shot. 72 hours in Shanghai

Shanghai on a 72 Hour Visa: Top Things to Do

Shanghai is an amazing city, it has been strongly influenced by both East and West, creating a diverse mix of architecture, culture, and people that is found in few other places in China. Despite being renowned as a business destination, Shanghai also offers an abundance of activities for leisure travelers. So, if you’ve been wondering […]

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Image showing an iPhone with the Facebook app open and letter blocs spelling "Social Media" next to it

VPN in China – How to access Facebook, Google & More

When talking about travel in China, it’s hard not to touch on the topic of the ‘Great Firewall of China.’ For those of you that don’t know it, this is the Chinese government’s way of limiting access to websites and apps within mainland China. If you’ve ever heard about Google, Facebook, Whatsapp or any other […]

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Food in Beijing: A foodie's guide to Beijing. A bowl of spicy crayfish

Beijing: A Foodie’s Paradise

Explore the capital city’s culinary delights Beijing is the gateway to China, often the first port of call for intrepid travellers and hungry adventurers. Luckily it is also one of the epicentres of delectable Chinese cuisine. Ever wondered what Beijing food is like? Bejing showcases cuisines from a wide range of cities, as well as […]

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China skyline at night. 72 hour transit visa

How to Visit China for a Long Weekend: The 72 Hour Transit Visa

Visiting China got a whole lot easier with the introduction of a 72 hour transit visa which is now rolled out across 14 participating cities for visitors from 51 different nations. Spending a long weekend in China is now a possibility for many visitors travelling through China. This visa is perfect for those travelling to […]

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72 hours in Xi'an. A temple in Xian, illuminated at night

Xi’an on a 72 Hour Visa: Top Things to Do

With the new rules allowing travellers 72 hour transit visas, take advantage of a weekend layover in one of the qualifying cities. Read about how to best spend a long weekend in the fascinating city of Xi’an. This is a guest post by travel writer Linda Dunsmore. How to spend 72 hours in Xi’an While many […]

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