Welcome to our easy-to-use platform where amateur and professional guides alike can easily create and manage tours, obtain more bookings and easily receive payments, all in a simple and automatic way.


Manage Tours

Simplified Bookings

Set your availability and we’ll notify you as soon as your tour is booked. Less time spent managing bookings means more time to focus on your tours.

Direct Support

We have a dedicated, multi-lingual support team offering support in English, Mandarin and Spanish.

Payment Management

Our prices are in US dollars and you can receive USD or your local currency. We transfer payment after the tour concludes, even in case of last-minute cancels or “no-shows” by the consumer.

Get Bookings

The online world gives you access to a huge market of travellers looking for tours. It’s not easy to reach these travellers however, Kootour helps in the following ways:

Increase visibility

We provide marketing and promotion for your tours, reaching customers from around the world.

Learn trends

The world of tourism is constantly changing. Our blog and analytics help your business stay up-to-date and competitive.

Training and resources

Learn how to sell, prepare and conduct your tours better than before. Our tutorials, videos and one-on-one support help get you more bookings and great reviews.

Meet New People

Make friends worldwide and establish business connections

Travellers don’t have to just be customers, they’re also future friends and business partners. Leading a tour provides a unique opportunity to get to know each other.

Share your passions and work

Teach people about your country, culture, local history, and interests. Travellers like to learn first-hand about the country they’re visiting and teaching them can be very rewarding.

What is Kootour?

You create a tour with Kootour

Our intuitive system makes it easy to create your tours, add customized options and manage your availability.

Travellers book your tours on our website

Your published tours are displayed in a simple interface that allows them to search and explore the tours they are interested in.

Kootour manages the bookings

Review the bookings you have received, get in touch with your tour group and get organized on the day of the tour with our mobile-friendly website.

Lead your group on an awesome tour

Our platform takes care of all the administrative tasks so you can focus on your tours.

We transfer your payment

We transfer your payment upon tour completion, and there is no cash exchanged with the traveller. This ensures that you always get paid, even if they are a “no-show”.