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Hansen is passionate entrepreneur. He has established and operated several businesses in Canada: a software development business, a higher education institute, and the present Kootour company. He originates from China and has lived in Vancouver for more than 16 years.

Hansen loves to travel and has visited more than 30 countries. He established Kootour because he realised there was untapped potential for matching local tour guides with an active and internet-savvy traveller community. Hansen is an avid golfer and you’ll usually find him on the golf course, rain or shine.

Elise has a global background growing up in the UK, then working in Asia and now North America. She is our digital marketing specialist, handling our content production, PR and media strategy. Like all of our team she is a truly passionate about travel and brings her enthusiasm and knowledge to our platform.

She loves the food and craft beer scene in Vancouver and can usually be found with her dog Libby or on a trail in the mountains.

Daniel is a passionate adventurer who was born in the beautiful country of Venezuela. He is Kootour’s marketing analyst. He’s currently finishing his MBA at the University of British Columbia. His desire to learn about other cultures has led him around the globe to destinations throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas.

As a professional, he has worked in marketing, sales and advertising for companies in both North America and Venezuela. He loves learning new languages and is hoping to add Chinese and Korean to his repertoire.

As a full-stack developer, Kevin joined Kootour utilizing his expertise in both software development and maintenance. Kevin has years of experience in web and mobile development. He understands and follows new technology trends.

Kevin has travelled to many different destinations and is never without his camera to capture beautiful scenery. He has lived in Vancouver for over 8 years, and given the choice he would be outdoors all day. He would prefer to do his coding work in a meadow or at the beach, with his laptop and a folding chair. If only there were WiFi!

Originally from France, Cedric completed his MSc. in Computer Science from SUPINFO University and started his career as a front-end developer in San Francisco. Since then, he has worked for clients all around the globe as well as working collaboratively with designers and product managers on solo projects.

He is a developer with an innovative streak, and enjoys expertly transforming all the great work that the designers craft into development.

His favorite sport is basketball, and he never misses a match of his favorite team, the Golden State Warriors.

Originally from a land yet to be discovered by many travellers, Burma. AyeMin landed in Nanaimo, crossing oceans and mountains to pursue his passion for Digital Media at Vancouver Island University. He now focuses on user experience and user interface design which he has combined with his technical skills to design an innovative platform for Kootour.

He also brings his worldly experience to the table, and adds to an adventurous and well-travelled team. Now he is enjoying the great outdoor life in BC, photographing all his adventures, especially cold-water surfing in Tofino.

Jaimie graduated with a major in Psychology from Simon Fraser University, and uses her intuitive nature, cultural understanding and education to expertly manage Kootour’s accounts. She is bilingual, speaking English and Mandarin which allows her to liaise with consumers and guides from across the globe.

Her passion is food, and her goal is to try a dish from every country in the world.

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